The Advantages of email Marketing

Email marketing has many benefits for many people do not know about them. Some people even thought that email marketing was dead. What they didn’t realize is that the technology that was coming to fruition would make email marketing even better. The technology that made email marketing more successful is the smartphone and the tablet. People might wonder, how can those two things that take people away from email, from a desktop computer, away from their laptop make email marketing more successful?

Understand that you have to understand that people have their smartphone order tablet on them at all times of the day and night. For a marketer you should know what that means, that means that you can market to them all day and all night. It means that when you blast out your emails to your list, that those people are going to get it instantly. In the past, you had to wait for someone to log on to their computer, log onto the Internet and then check their email. Today, the instantly get your emails right on their smartphone or on their tablet. This means that the open rates have increased over the years.

Another advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to feed your list information slowly. It means that you can build a rapport with them, if you do marketing right you can have them trust you, you can have them looking forward to the emails that you send because they have a lot of value, you can build a relationship via your email marketing. That might take not selling them something in every email, it might just be information sharing, it might be answering frequently asked questions, it might be simply talking about the industry. The most important part of email marketing is… Marketing.

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