Get the Right Type of Gun Training

We all played with G.I. Joe growing up but that did not prepare us to handle a firearm during a stressful situation. Even the basic training that you will have to have to carry a gun in our state will not provide you with the training that you need to truly use a gun in a gunfight. Of course, we offer the type of training that you need to get your gun license but we offer more than that type of training. We don’t really like to talk too much about the basic training because it is just basic, it is utilitarian and it is rudimentary, we do suggest that you get that type of training with us but that you come back to get even better training after you have the bare minimum requirements that the state requires to receive a gun license in our state.

We suggest that you get more training because owning a firearm is a big deal. Don’t pay attention to people who pretend like owning a gun is like owning a dinner fork or a butter knife? It is nothing like that a gun is a huge responsibility and learning how to use them properly in a gunfight takes more than basic training, it takes combat skills and practice. It isn’t the same as just shooting at a target that isn’t moving, that doesn’t want to take your property or your life. It isn’t the same as warring about your family and if they are going to be safe. It isn’t the same as if that bad guy defeats you he will how free writing in your house to do what ever he wants to to whom ever he wants to. So our training is about the real world not the fantasy world that macho guys always talk about. It is about the real stuff, the stuff that can go wrong and the stuff that can make the difference between life and death.

So as you take the serious step of owning a gun and getting a permit to use it also take time to get proper training and not just basic training. The more you know about your firearm, the more you know how to use it, the more you learn about how to actually fight with the gun the safer you and your family will be. The more respect for that firearm you will have and the more respect you be able to instill in your family when it comes to firearms. I know this so often in this country we get caught up on the idea that owning a gun is are right that we forget that it is also a huge responsibility. As a sorter political side statement when it comes to protecting our Second Amendment rights the best defense we haveĀ  is not just the NRA but also how we conduct ourselves, how we present ourselves and our belief in training and safe gun ownership. So please realize the responsibility that owning a gun is and realize that you need training not just any training but the right training that will prepare you for the real world.