Why People Sometimes Sell Their Houses at Less Than Market Value

Have you ever watched one of those home shows on television where people look for a home and negotiate a lower price with sellers in NJ? It probably seems odd to have people accept less than the home’s value, but there are many reasons to do this. Here are some of the most popular reasons fromĀ facebook timeline for taking less than a piece of property is worth.


Everyone does not have a ton of time to waste on selling a home. If you are in a time-sensitive situation, it is often necessary for you to take less money than your home is worth. For instance, if a relative has left you in a city that is fairly far from where you live, dropping the price means that you can get rid of the property without taking too much time away from your regular schedule.

Financial Problems

If you are in a situation where money is tight, it may be necessary to drop the price on your home to make it more appealing to buyers. This is often done as a last resort, but it can be quite beneficial. Things like mounting debt, hefty medical bills and unexpected circumstances, like the passing of a spouse, can make it necessary to lower prices significantly.

The Market Is Rough

Sometimes the market swings for sellers, but there are also times when things are more positive for those who are looking to buy. If there are many properties in your area and not many interested parties, lowering the price can help make your property more appealing than others around it.

Unfortunately, people cannot always get the full value of their homes when selling them in New Jersey. If you have ever wondered why people accept less, the information provided should make that apparent.