3 Places You Must Visit In Puerto Rico

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico, because if you haven’t, then you are missing out? It is one of the most magnificent places to visit and the climate makes it a great place to go to at any time of the year. With that said, below are a few places you will want to go to if you go to Puerto Rico, Culebra International Hostel.

Old San Juan
No trip to Puerto Rico would be complete without a trip to Old San Juan, which is known for its forts and colonial style buildings. When you enter Old San Juan, you will feel like you went back in time. This city is one of the oldest cities in the Americas and it is more than 450 years old.

El Morro Fort is one of the top attractions in Old San Juan and it isn’t located too far from the center of the city. This fort has a lot of history behind it, but other attractions you’ll want to see include the San Juan Cathedral and Fortaleza. Make sure to set aside a good amount of time when you do visit this amazing place.

This is an island that is located a few miles from Puerto Rico’s mainland, and it is a popular beach resort. There are a lot of things to do here, such as stay at one of the high-end hotels, go shopping, dine at fabulous restaurants or check out one of the many galleries. Let’s not forget to mention that the beaches here are some of the best in Puerto Rico, which is why tourists and residents of Puerto Rico flock there. As soon as you arrive in Vieques, you’ll notice the sand and water, as well as how lively the atmosphere is.

This island is known as Mosquito Bay. This is the area where the water lights up at night, and this is due to the dinoflagellates inhabiting the water. If you do go to the island, make sure you do activities such as canoeing, kayaking or boating because you’ll want to witness this on the water. As for how you can reach Vieques, you can take a ferry or plane.

Rio Camuy Caves
If you’re seeking adventure, then make your way to the Rio Camuy Caves, which is a network of caves that cover over 250 acres. This is believed to be one of the top three largest cave systems around. You will love riding in a trolley bus, which will take throughout a 200-foot deep sinkhole or cave, which features a number of rooms. At one point in time, the indigenous people who inhabited the area used the caves, and this is one of the most interesting things about it.

Whether it’s adventure you’re seeking, a quiet beach, a busy city that has an amazing nightlife or if you just want to lounge around all day long by the water, Puerto Rico has something for everyone. Now you know where to go when you visit there. Book a trip to Puerto Rico today.